Wild Life & Flora


Because of the streams and small rivers coming from the mountain,
throughout the year, this area is a paradise for birds and other wildlife.


A wide variety of birds in this area and in my garden, here's a few I often see;
Bee-eater, Goldfinch (flocks), Long tail tit, Buzzards, Water rail (winter), Black cap, Blue rock thrush, Scops owl, Black redstart, Syrian woodpecker, Storks, Shrikes, Hoopoe, Collared dove, Cetti's warbler, Black headed warbler, Jays, rock nuthatch, snow finches, Vultures and last summer the White throated kingfisher, and several Imperial eagles.

The Scarce swallowtail is abundant here, along with Red admirals and oleander hawk moths.


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Other wildlife:
Other wildlife living on our mountain, although most are seldom seen unless your camping high up, include;
Porcupines, Badgers, Jackals, Mountain hare, Pine martins, Red squirrels and Fat door mice. (Lynx spotted last summer)

Due to Muslims not eating pork, the wild boar population survives virtually untouched, although they live mostly above the mountain villages at about 1500m or higher.

Although not as popular with most people, this area is perfect for many lizards and snakes. Common species include;
Whip snakes, (Large black and Dahl's)
Vipers (Ottoman and Nose Horned)
Terrapins, Chameleons and Agama lizards


The Location & Climate Offers Superb Variation Of Wild Flowers Including Many Endemic ones and Orcihds.Best time to see wild flowers is between February-May when nature is blooming on the hills of Akdag mountain.One of Mel s ambition is to finish her wild flora search and foto collection of this area and puplish it!



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